Carly Fiorina v. The View – Who Won?

“We need to be able to have civil conversations in this country about our differences . . . All too often we demonize the messenger, because we don’t like the message.” ~ Carly Fiorina


In case you missed it, Carly Fiorina and the women of The View had a political debate of their own. It stemmed from an earlier GOP presidential debate after which commentators accused Mrs. Fiorina of being too serious. During a subsequent presidential debate, she smiled (intentionally too long) in response to a question to be humorous. I thought it was funny.

On October 29, Michelle Collins, a co-host of The View, said that Mrs. Fiorina looked “demented” when she smiled. Joy Behar, another co-host, echoed that Mrs. Fiorina’s smiling face should be a Halloween mask. Mrs. Fiorina appeared on The View to confront those comments directly on November 6.

One thing from this show was clear – liberal feminists don’t know quite what to do with a competent, conservative woman. Two things stood out to me after watching their exchange:

  1. It’s easier to insult a woman’s looks than to address substantive points. Interestingly, Joy Behar previously accused Donald Trump of inappropriately attacking Mrs. Fiorina’s looks instead of her policies. Ms. Behar said that it’s acceptable for her to make similar comments about Mrs. Fiorina’s appearance, however, because she’s a comedian. All of the co-hosts defended the “demented” and “Halloween mask” remarks. Whoopi Goldberg suggested to Mrs. Fiorina that she get thicker skin. Of course, they can say what they want. And Mrs. Fiorina can handle it. For being supposed feminists, I just think it’s ironic that they choose that route. Ms. Behar is a comedian and can be funny. So, I’m sure she can come up with better material that is humorous without being personally insulting. Respectful disagreements about policies are great, but can we pretty please stop with the ugly personal digs? It’s not very attractive.
  2. It’s also easier to paint conservative women as anti-women than to discuss the issues. My favorite question came from Joy Behar. Ms. Behar asked Mrs. Fiorina how she could consider herself supportive of women if she’s pro-life, against government mandated maternity leave, and against raising the minimum wage. Ms. Behar framed these as women’s issues. These are not women’s issues; they are liberal ones. And that is perfectly fine – but just admit it. Implicit in Ms. Behar’s question is that we either agree with progressive principles, or we don’t care about women. As a conservative female, I really find this offensive. The reason that I generally support more conservative policy is because I believe that is what will truly help and secure women and families.

I’m still considering the candidates for president and remain undecided. I do know, however, that between the women of The View and Mrs. Fiorina – if the election were held today – my vote goes to Carly. No recount necessary.

Do you think conservative women are treated fairly in the media? Should a woman’s appearance be fair game?


Reply November 7, 2015

Of course not-conservative women are not treated fair. I'm with Mrs. Fiorina, people can say what they want her appearance or anyone else for that matter. I think it shows their pettiness. Funny how the hosts claimed on Friday, it was comedy. Last week, Whoopi Goldberg — who said she wasn’t planning to be at the faceoff on Friday but then attended anyway —charged that Fiorina needed to learn “the difference between when somebody’s coming for you, when somebody is paying you a compliment and when somebody is saying, ‘here’s my observation.’”

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