5 Thoughts for Single Ladies at Christmas

The Christmas season can be a frosty time of year for single women. Sure, there are plenty of warm and fuzzy songs and movies playing constantly, but who really wants to go walkin’ in a winter wonderland by themselves? Or, roast chestnuts for one? Or, stand under mistletoe alone? Singleness during the holidays is not for the faint of heart.

I read and write a lot about femininity. So often womanhood is assumed synonymous with motherhood or only discussed in the context of marriage. Especially at this time of year, women who are neither wives nor moms can feel left out. Our Christmas spirit can start melting away.

It’s so easy to focus on what we don’t have rather than to remember what we do have. We may not always feel thankful for our particular circumstances, but we can be thankful. (That is easier said than done sometimes, I know.) As one of my very favorite authors, Nancy Leigh DeMoss said, “Gratitude unleashes the freedom to live content in the moment, rather than being anxious about the future or regretting the past.” What a wonderful reminder!

While a season or lifetime of singleness has its downsides, it is also a gift. We (and our culture) don’t always see it that way, but there are many blessings for women to unwrap during this time of life.

For example, here are 5 reasons why I’m grateful to be single this year:

  1. Fun. Vacations, road trips, and weekend getaways – a definite plus to being single is having more freedom to travel! And, while we also have busy work schedules and other commitments, we can usually set aside uninterrupted “me time” to read, to get our nails done, or just to sit at a coffee shop, etc.
  2. Friendships. I’m able to invest more time in friendships and visit long-distance friends. Making time for heart-to-heart conversations and laughs is invaluable.
  3. Family. I’m able to spend special occasions and plan weekend activities with my parents and other family members. As life seems to be moving far too quickly, these moments are irreplaceable.
  4. For others. I’m able to devote more time to serving in the church and volunteering in the community. Focusing on others’ needs has a way of putting things into perspective.
  5. Faith. I’m most grateful for having this time to grow my faith. The ability to have undivided time to focus on God and to strengthen my relationship with Him is really precious, and I pray that I use it wisely.

It may take a little effort, but cultivating gratitude can even grow the Grinch’s heart. While we may not have that picture-perfect-Christmas-card-family this year, I hope that we find joy in everyday moments, are forever mindful of the true meaning of Christmas, and always remember that we are loved. To all of you, from one to ninety-two, a Very Merry Christmas!

What’s one thing for which you’re grateful this year?


Sue B.
Reply December 24, 2015


    Reply December 26, 2015

    Aww - thank you! And right back at you! :-)

Reply January 1, 2016

I am grateful for the fact that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and that no one thing (single, married, etc.) defines me as a person. Happy (almost) 2016!

    Reply January 4, 2016

    Amen, sister! And Happy New Year!

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