Is Hillary’s Candidacy Good for Women?

“[W]e’ve reached a milestone in our nation’s march toward a more perfect union: the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president.” ~ Hillary Clinton

Whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton is a historic figure in America’s story. Many people, regardless of their politics, see Hillary’s candidacy as something to celebrate – an accomplishment for all women. I disagree. It disheartens me that Hillary, who is in a position to be a role model for women and girls, shuns and discards much of womanhood. That is not something I can support or find empowering. For example, please consider the following:

  1. Children. Hillary and her team often highlight her early career and time at the Children’s Defense Fund. She emphasizes her tireless work on behalf of children. In her acceptance speech, she elaborated specifically on her work to ensure that children with disabilities have equal access to education, which is a laudable goal. However, this is quite hypocritical. Children, more than anything, deserve equal access to life. Any work she’s done on behalf of children is overshadowed by her disregard for the lives of children in the womb. Approximately half of those unborn are little girls.
  2. Home. In 1992, when answering a reporter’s question about her law firm, Hillary quipped, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession . . . .” She dismisses and belittles the idea of a homemaker. In other words, as her tone implied, she’s too good, too smart, too driven to “just” be a wife and/or a mom. She later walked back her statements, but I think the video speaks for itself. Creating a home or raising children is a beautiful part of womanhood; it’s not something to devalue. Having a high profile woman who so blatantly dismisses that is discouraging.
  3. Integrity. Success does not need to come at the expense of honesty and good character. Unfortunately, Hillary does not set a great example to young women across America. She appears to be more concerned with her rise to power than exhibiting good values. Even the FBI Director indicated that Hillary misrepresented facts related to her personal e-mail use. And her interactions with family members of the Benghazi victims demonstrate a terrible lack of compassion and respect. This lack of morality is quite concerning.
  4. Career Choices. Hillary wants us to view her as a champion for women – but she essentially wants to turn women into men. Hillary fails to recognize the legitimate (and good!) differences between men and women. One example of this is her promise for “equal pay.” She wants women to vote for her, so she has encouraged the false narrative that women are paid less than men for doing the same work. She promises to end the allegedly rampant discrimination. However, if one looks at the statistics, this simply is not accurate. When you control for basic factors such as hours worked, education, industry, experience, and benefits, the “wage gap” disappears. Women have different interests and choose different career paths. That’s okay! We shouldn’t force or guilt women into having more demanding careers in order to equalize the alleged “wage gap.” That is actually offensive to women’s choices and questions their competency in making such decisions. (For further reading, click here and here.)

Something I find curious is that those with more liberal perspectives view Hillary’s candidacy as a monumental accomplishment for women – yet at the same, most of them also argue that there really is no difference between men and women. Celebrating Hillary’s candidacy because of her gender, and at the same time, advocating for a gender-less society seems contradictory.

For the record, some (or perhaps most) of these criticisms apply equally to Donald Trump, but we’ll save that for another post. Women deserve better than either candidate.

Hillary may be cracking the “glass ceiling,” but she is breaking true womanhood. I hope our culture will eventually piece back together the beauty of femininity and recognize it for all it’s worth.




Aubrie Field
Reply October 13, 2016

Excellent points, I totally agree! You really nailed it.

"Celebrating Hillary’s candidacy because of her gender, and at the same time, advocating for a gender-less society seems contradictory." - This is the hypocrisy that plagues western society across the board, especially America, and Hillary is the quintessential example.

Thanks for a great read - and hope for us conservative women! <3

Reply December 7, 2018

Make a more new posts please :)

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